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KILO - a factor of 1K. One thousand members in a premium club with blockchain assets. The membership cap achieves three important objectives:


  1. Optimize the member experience

  2. Maximize the price point

  3. Route the club value back to those that created it - the members


The virtuous cycle of a good experiences begetting a more valuable club, which then benefits the members that are creating those experiences. 


There is a big difference between a public gym and a private club. A gym is a public utility where its people go to extract value. A club is a private community where people contribute value with other people of shared values. 


And more importantly, they employ opposite incentive models. A volume gym model has the exact inverse goal as its members - for as few people as possible to benefit from its services. A capped membership club achieves its potential by enabling the delivery of great experiences, personal power, and transactions of good energy.


Gym memberships have become a commodity. This is a good thing - it means the industry has achieved both critical mass and price discovery. But as in any efficient market, those that seek low price are by definition receiving low value. There are billions of marketing dollars being spent on the “judgment free zone”. But the gym rats and the gym snobs know, because their workout space is sacred. 


But the reverse is not true - high value does not mean high price, it means scarcity. There is a reason giant chains make their environments socially awkward - because those that build relationships are the loss leaders. The people with which you share sacrifices are the closest, and those bonds are priceless.


After club capacity is achieved, all members will be airdropped a 1/1000 token on the blockchain. It is worth nothing, unless somebody wants your membership more than you do. If there is an aggregate demand that is greater than the supply, that market value will be captured and fractionalized into the NFT that you own.

Any future clubs will mint another 1000 tokens.

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