A private club of 1000 members.

One of a kind, elegantly designed, and professionally equipped. With 30,000 square feet of fitness space and a capped membership, Kilo Club is never crowded.


Covered parking and dedicated elevators provide safe access 24/7.  Every workout is an experience.

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A club with blockchain assets empowers the members to both contribute to, and benefit from, its value. 


Founding members receive a 1/1000 NFT of Kilo Club 1.1 - free to mint, and access token to all future clubs.


Water is the most important element that we share and exchange with mother Earth. When the fluidity of our bodies and minds are connected to the universe, we can do anything. The KILO logo is a symbol of the divine health and human sovereignty inherent in all of us.


 The foundation of each NFT design is represented as the Tree of Life. These sacred symbols form the heaven and earth of each NFT in the Genesis Collection. 

Physicist and energy pioneer Marcel Vogel on the tree of life shape in crystal research, how it communicates with water, and its interaction with Layer Three of the KILO protocol - blood.

Las Vegas, NV


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